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Passivating Capabilities

Citric Acid Passivating of Stainless Steel

Passivating is the process of removing containments and free iron from the surface
of stainless steel. Removing free iron enriches chromium oxide on surface which
is a more passive layer.

Our Citric Acid Passivating Meets the Following Standards

  • ASTM = A - 967
  • AMS = 2700B

AMS QQ - P - 35C was cancelled by the Defense Department in favor of
ASTM Standard for passivation A - 967. Also cancelled by Aerospace
Materials Division, SAE, as of February 2005, and superceeded by
AMS 2700

Why Citric Passivating?

  • Test run in the semiconductor (computer) industry show that the chrome oxide ratio
    of the surface of stainless steel is much improved over the use of nitric systems

  • Increasing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel
  • It removes foreign matters and free ions from manufacturing tools

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